How It Works


We will consult with you to ascertain that the sale is ready to move forward legally, set a date to walk through and take a look. A contract will be worked out that takes all your needs into consideration such as the date, location, items to be included or not, how the remainder will be distributed and many other details. We will need access to the property and will take many photos and an inventory. The contents will be arranged in a logical arrangement that allows for safe and secure traffic in and out of the house. We will price all items with consideration to a fair market value. We will begin to send out notices and advertising. A pre-sale for family, friends or specialized dealers may have been agreed upon in the contract. This typically takes place several days before the public sale. The address of the public sale is not advertised until the morning of the sale for security purposes. We do have an off-duty Houston Police Officer that is present during the pre-sale and the sale. 

At the end of the sale we provide you with an accounting of the sales, a copy of each sales ticket and a check – usually within two weeks; always within 30 days.